How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles (5 Proven Ways!)

As we age, our skin’s natural collagen production begins to decline, leading to the formation of unwanted wrinkles. But don’t worry – I’m here to share five evidence-backed remedies that can help boost collagen levels and reduce the appearance of under-eye wrinkles. Additionally, I’ll be revealing my personal daily routine for maintaining a smoother, more radiant complexion.

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles

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Take Hyaluronic Acid Supplements

Take Hyaluronic Acid Supplements

In 2017, a Japanese study explored the impact of hyaluronic acid consumption on wrinkle reduction. Over 12 weeks, 60 men and women aged 22-59 with crow’s feet wrinkles were randomly divided into two groups. One group received 120mg of hyaluronic acid daily, while the other group took a placebo. The researchers evaluated the skin wrinkles of each group using image analysis throughout the study.

After eight weeks, participants taking hyaluronic acid experienced a significant reduction in wrinkles compared to the placebo group. By the end of the 12-week study, the hyaluronic acid group also reported improvements in skin suppleness and overall condition. The full study can be accessed online.

I personally take and highly recommend Wild Nutrition’s hyaluronic acid supplements, which contain clinically-tested, low-weight hyaluronic acid that has been shown to effectively penetrate the skin surface. This optimal absorption is ensured by its low weight, allowing for superior skin layer penetration. You can purchase these supplements from reputable retailers like Wild Nutrition, Cowshed, and Boots.

Use the Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Serum

Use the Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Serum

In 2009, a clinical trial was conducted at Manchester University to assess the effectiveness of Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Serum in reducing wrinkles. The study involved 60 volunteers with wrinkled skin, who were randomly divided into two groups. One group used the serum daily for 12 months, while the other group received a placebo.

The results showed that 70% of participants using the serum experienced a significant reduction in wrinkles at the end of the trial compared to the placebo group. Further analysis revealed that Boots No7 Protect and Perfect Serum works by stimulating the production of fibrillin-1, a protein that promotes skin elasticity. This finding was published in Science Daily and can be accessed online. For those interested in purchasing the product, it is available from Boots, No7 Beauty, and Ulta.

Use Red Light Therapy

Use Red Light Therapy
Use Red Light Therapy

NASA’s discovery of red light’s regenerative properties in skin treatment originated from their plant growth experiments on shuttle missions. Unbeknownst to them, this therapy also showed significant wound-healing benefits. Today, dermatologists utilize red LED lights for anti-aging treatments and under-eye wrinkle reduction.

A study examining the efficacy of red and near-infrared light treatments revealed that red light effectively improves the appearance of wrinkles, skin complexion, and collagen intensity. The trial’s findings can be accessed through the provided link. For personal use, I recommend the Love My Skin Anti-Ageing 32 Led Compact, a cost-effective option. Alternatively, clinics offer red light treatments, which I’ll cover separately in another post.

If you’re interested in using red light for acne scars, please refer to my dedicated article. As for high-end options, the Current Body LED Light Therapy Mask is an excellent choice (watch my video review below). Although it’s an investment, you can receive a 15% discount by using my code: OLIVIACB.

Take Vitamin C Supplements

Take Vitamin C Supplements

Boosting your vitamin C intake can have a significant impact on the appearance of your skin, including improving elasticity and reducing wrinkles. This is according to Caroline Hirons, who recommends using Altrient C. As a form of stabilized vitamin C, Altrient C has been scientifically proven to enhance skin elasticity over time and alleviate under-eye wrinkles.

In fact, one study found that after 16 weeks of use, Altrient C can increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin by an impressive 61.4%. If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, you can purchase Altrient C from Bodykind, Planet Organic, or Revital.

Use Skincare Products Containing Retinol

Use Skincare Products Containing Retinol

Retinoids, specifically topical vitamin A creams, have been extensively studied and are widely used in anti-aging products. One of the most well-known benefits of retinol is its ability to stimulate collagen production and thicken the skin, thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, numerous studies on the efficacy of retinol on skin wrinkles have been conducted since the 1980s.

A notable study published in The Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications in 2012 demonstrated the anti-aging benefits of retinol. For those who are new to using retinol products, I recommend starting with a gentle eye cream that contains this active ingredient. This is because retinol can cause dryness and skin irritation. Interestingly, some products use retinyl palmitate instead of pure retinol.

This derivative is converted into retinol by the skin’s natural enzymes, minimizing the risk of irritation. The Boots No 7 Protect and Perfect Serum, which I mentioned earlier, contains retinyl palmitate, making it a great option for those looking to try out a retinol product. For those who are interested in trying Hada Labo products, they offer a range of anti-aging products that contain retinol.

Specifically, their eye cream combines retinol with hyaluronic acid and is one of my favorite eye creams for reducing wrinkles. With its reputation as Japan’s number one selling skin care brand, it’s no wonder Hada Labo has gained such popularity. You can purchase the Hada Labo Eye Cream from various retailers, including Superdrug, Walmart, or Yesstyle.

Other Method for Reducing Under Eye Wrinkles

Other Method for Reducing Under Eye Wrinkles

When it comes to addressing under-eye wrinkles, I’ve found that a combination of techniques works best for me. However, everyone’s skin is unique, so it’s essential to explore other options to find what works best for your individual concerns. If you’re dealing with issues like dark circles, dry skin, crow’s feet, poor skin tone, puffy eyes, eye bags, and eye circles, you may find some of the following additional tips helpful in addressing these common problems.

Use an Eye Cream with SPF

While prevention is key, you can also look for eye creams that offer a dual benefit. Specifically, search for products that combine sun protection with ingredients that target existing fine lines and wrinkles. When it comes to sun protection, opt for an eye cream with at least SPF 30 to safeguard the delicate skin around your eyes from UV rays.

This is just one aspect of a comprehensive approach to preventing wrinkles – wearing sunglasses on sunny days can also help reduce squinting, which can contribute to wrinkle formation. For further guidance on this topic, check out our related post: Best Eye Creams with SPF in the UK.

Cosmetic Procedures to Reduce Eye Wrinkles

While I’ve never undergone a cosmetic procedure myself, I’ve spoken to others who have and seen the impressive results. A range of medical treatments can help reduce under-eye wrinkles, including chemical peels, dermal fillers, laser treatments, and microneedling. In my personal experience, I’ve used at-home chemical peels containing glycolic acid, which effectively removes dead skin cells and improves skin texture. However, I’ve never ventured beyond home treatments.

Microneedling is another option that involves using tiny needles to create micro-holes in the skin, stimulating collagen production and resulting in tighter, more elastic skin. If you’re considering a cosmetic procedure, I found the following online resources informative: The Mayo Clinic’s articles on chemical peels, under-eye fillers, laser resurfacing, and microneedling, offering valuable insights and guidance.

Home Remedies

When it comes to tightening the skin around your eyes, there are several home remedies you can try. One of my go-to methods is to incorporate facial exercises, such as face yoga, into my daily routine. This helps stimulate blood flow and promotes a more youthful appearance. Additionally, eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients is essential for maintaining healthy, radiant skin. Another simple yet effective remedy is to apply a homemade eye mask made with egg whites once or twice a week.

Egg whites are known for their anti-aging properties, which help tone and tighten the skin around your eyes. While other ingredients may work better for different skin types, I find that egg whites provide a gentle yet noticeable tightening effect.

Use Anti-Ageing Eye Masks and Creams

When it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, there are numerous excellent anti-ageing eye creams and masks that can make a significant difference. To combat signs of aging, look for products containing potent ingredients such as green tea, which boosts blood circulation, and vitamin E, which fortifies the fragile skin surrounding the eyes.

If dehydration is causing your fine lines, seek out hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, or products rich in essential fatty acids. For those seeking to target wrinkles with a hydrating eye cream, consider checking out our article on budget-friendly anti-wrinkle options.

Eye Wrinkle FAQs

What is the Best Treatment for Wrinkles Under the Eyes?

When searching for products that can effectively combat signs of aging, consider those featuring retinol as a key ingredient. This potent compound works by stimulating collagen production in the deeper layers of skin, where wrinkles typically form. As a result, retinol-based products are capable of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ultimately delaying their onset.

What Causes Eye Wrinkles?

While the passing of time is undoubtedly a major contributor to the formation of eye wrinkles, it’s not the only culprit. Prolonged sun exposure, habitual smoking, and repeated facial expressions that involve raising an eyebrow or squinting can all take their toll on the delicate skin around your peepers. The cumulative effect of these factors can lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles, making your eyes appear older than they actually are.

Is Vaseline good for Eye Wrinkles?

While Vaseline won’t eradicate wrinkles altogether, it can effectively conceal their appearance. By creating an impermeable barrier on the skin’s surface, it retains moisture and keeps it well-hydrated, subtly diminishing the visible signs of wrinkles.

While this post has hopefully provided you with valuable insights into caring for the skin around your eyes, I want to emphasize that there’s always more to learn. For further guidance and expert advice, I recommend exploring these recommended posts from other trusted beauty blogs.

Explore 12 Under-Eye Wrinkle Remedies Dermatologists Swear By, discover How to Prevent Fine Lines Under Your Eyes, and learn about the daily beauty habits that may be aging your eyes.

These resources will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to maintain healthy, radiant skin around your peepers.

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