Best Accessories for Honda Fit

The Honda Fit is a subcompact car that has been popular worldwide due to its efficient design and ample cargo space. First introduced in 2001, the Fit emphasizes utility over luxury and provides excellent fuel economy in an affordable, versatile package. According to sales figures, Honda sold over 35,000 Fits in the US market in recent years, showing continued demand for this small hatchback (source).

While the Honda Fit offers great functionality right out of the factory, there are many ways to customize and personalize this car through aftermarket accessories. This article will provide an overview of the best accessories for the Honda Fit, from exterior styling upgrades to interior conveniences. The goal is to showcase the diverse possibilities for enhancing the Fit’s appearance and functionality. With the right combination of accessories, the Honda Fit can be transformed into a unique vehicle that reflects personal style and caters to practical needs.

Exterior Accessories

One of the easiest ways to customize the look of your Honda Fit is by adding exterior accessories. Some popular exterior upgrades for the Fit include spoilers, body kits, wheels/tires, and vinyl wraps or decals.

Adding an aftermarket spoiler is a great way to give your Fit a sportier look. Spoilers like the Honda Line Spoiler can enhance the aerodynamics of your car while adding styling. For more dramatic styling changes, consider adding a body kit. Body kits like the Duraflex kit replace parts of the exterior like bumpers and side skirts with new molded pieces.

Upgrading your wheels and tires is another popular mod that can totally transform the look of your Fit. Consider a wheel and tire package like the Enkei RPF1 in black for an aggressive but refined look. You can also make the stock wheels look fresh with a new set of vinyl decals or a custom color wrap. Check out sites like Metro Restyling for cool vinyl wrap ideas.

Interior Accessories

The interior of the Honda Fit is functional and versatile, but adding some interior accessories can make it more comfortable and personalized. Some of the most popular interior upgrades for the Fit include:

Floor Mats – Aftermarket all-weather or carpet floor mats help protect your Fit’s original carpeting from dirt, mud, snow, and everyday wear. Brands like WeatherTech and Husky Liners make custom-fit mats for the Fit.

Cargo Liners – For protecting the rear cargo area, cargo liners and trunk mats are a must-have. They provide an anti-slip surface and contain spills and messes. Honda’s own cargo trays and liners are engineered specifically for the Fit.

Seat Covers – If you frequently have kids or pets in your Fit, seat covers are a smart idea. They protect your upholstery and are easily removable for cleaning. Neoprene and leatherette covers by CoverKing stand out for their custom patterns and snug fit.

Steering Wheel Covers – Add comfort and style to your steering wheel with custom-fit covers in leather, suede, neoprene and more. They provide extra grip and prevent your hands from getting too hot or cold.

Shift Knobs – An aftermarket shift knob lets you liven up your Fit’s interior while also improving grip and feel when shifting. Weighted and chrome-accented knobs are popular upgrades.

Entertainment Upgrades

The Honda Fit is a fun, versatile car that can be made even more enjoyable with some entertainment upgrades. Here are some of the most popular options:

Touchscreen stereos allow you to upgrade from the standard factory head unit to a large, color screen with Bluetooth, navigation, and more. The Sony XAVAX3000 is a top choice with a 6.95″ display, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay compatibility (Source). Crutchfield offers a wide selection of stereos that specifically fit the Honda Fit (Source).

Adding a backup camera provides an excellent safety upgrade by giving you a view of what’s behind your Fit when reversing. You can add a license plate camera or one hidden in the rear emblem. Some new stereos even have built-in backup cameras.

Bluetooth kits allow you to make hands-free calls and stream music wirelessly. Low-cost solutions plug into the auxiliary input while pricier options replace the factory stereo.

Upgrading the speakers produces cleaner, louder sound. Component systems with separate woofers and tweeters sound the best. For deep bass, add a powered subwoofer to the cargo area.

Performance Upgrades

There are several popular performance upgrades to consider for the Honda Fit that can provide noticeable improvements in power, handling, and style.

Cold air intakes like the AFE Magnum FORCE Stage-2 Pro 5R Cold Air Intake can increase horsepower and torque by improving airflow into the engine (Kamispeed).

Cat-back exhausts like the Greddy Evolution GT Cat-Back Exhaust enhance power while producing a deeper, sportier sound (Kamispeed).

Lowering springs such as Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs lower the center of gravity for improved handling and offer a more aggressive stance (Kamispeed).

Sway bars like the Eibach Anti-Roll Kit reduce body roll in corners for flatter, more responsive handling (TorqueCars).

Strut bars such as the Cusco Front Strut Bar enhance chassis rigidity and steering response (TorqueCars).

Exterior Lighting Upgrades

Upgrading the exterior lighting on your Honda Fit can greatly improve visibility and style. LED headlights are a popular upgrade that can provide brighter, whiter light for improved nighttime visibility (1). Brands like Lumen and Kepler make direct replacement LED headlights for the Honda Fit that are plug-and-play for easy installation (2). These LED headlights typically use less power and last longer than standard halogen bulbs.

For added style, you can install underbody neon lights that illuminate the ground with colorful lighting. Brands like Opt7 and XKGlow offer underbody neon kits that are designed to fit the Honda Fit. Light bars and pods can also be mounted on the exterior for increased visibility. Roof-mounted light bars provide widespread illumination, while smaller pods can be mounted on the bumpers, hood, or pillars.

Tail lights can also be upgraded to LEDs. Brands like Redline make complete LED taillight assemblies that bolt into place of the factory taillights. They come with built-in turn signals and brake lights for a clean, customized look.



Storage Solutions

One of the Honda Fit’s standout features is its spacious and versatile cargo area, making it perfect for carrying lots of gear. Here are some of the best storage accessories to maximize the Fit’s cargo capacity:

Roof racks like the Genuine Honda Roof Rack Attachment Kit (Bernardiparts) allow you to transport bulky items like skis, bikes, and cargo boxes on top of your Honda Fit. The sturdy crossbars provide a solid mounting point for a variety of roof attachments.

For securing loose items in the cargo area, a cargo net like the Genuine Honda Cargo Net (Hondapartsnow) is a must-have accessory. This durable nylon net attaches to anchors behind the rear seats to keep your belongings from shifting around while driving.

Luggage racks and cross bars like the Genuine Honda Luggage Rack (Bernardiparts) allow you to increase the usable cargo space by providing an additional storage level. You can securely transport cargo on top while still utilizing the cargo area below.

For extra hauling capabilities, a hitch-mounted cargo carrier is a handy addition. The Genuine Honda Hitch Ball Mount Kit (Bernardiparts) allows you to mount a carrier or bike rack to the Fit’s rear hitch receiver.

Safety Accessories

Some of the most popular and important accessories for the Honda Fit are aimed at improving safety. Blind spot mirrors can be added to eliminate blind spots and provide better visibility while changing lanes. According to Amazon, highly rated options like Ampper Blind Spot Mirrors are designed specifically to adhere to the Honda Fit’s mirror housing and eliminate blind spots.

Backup cameras are another popular safety upgrade. They allow the driver to see behind the vehicle when reversing, helping avoid accidents. There are many good quality aftermarket backup camera options for the Fit from brands like Yakry and Auto-vox, available at retailers like Amazon and Crutchfield.

Drivers can also install an aftermarket tire pressure monitoring system in their Fit. This allows you to monitor the tire pressure from inside the cabin, receiving alerts if the pressure gets too low. Popular options like the TireMinder System provide real time tracking of tire conditions.

Having an emergency kit stored in your Honda Fit is highly recommended for safety during breakdowns or accidents. Kits should include essentials like a first aid kit, flashlight, reflective triangles, jumper cables, tools, and more. Brands like Ready America offer comprehensive emergency kits designed to fit nicely in the Fit.

Appearance Accessories

Customizing the look of your Fit with appearance accessories is a great way to add style and make it your own. Some popular options include:

Chrome trim pieces can be added to the doors, windows, grille, rear hatch and other areas to give your Fit a bit more flair. Chrome window visors are also available to allow ventilation while protecting the interior from rain.

Hood deflectors installed above the windshield prevent debris from damaging the hood paint. They also enhance the look with sleek, aerodynamic lines.

Upgrading the stock steel wheel center caps to custom or color-matched caps can completely transform the style of your wheels.

There are many affordable appearance upgrades to make your Honda Fit sportier, sleeker, or more unique to your personal taste.


The Honda Fit is known for its practicality and versatility, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize it to reflect your personality. As we’ve explored, there are many great accessories available to enhance the exterior, interior, entertainment system, performance, lighting, storage, and safety of your Fit.

Some of the most popular and recommended accessories include a remote start system, upgraded speakers, exterior lighting accents, a roof rack, all-weather floor mats, and seat covers. Adding any of these can take your Fit’s functionality and style to the next level.

At the end of the day, the Honda Fit is the perfect canvas for customization. With some creativity and the right accessories, you can transform your Fit into a unique vehicle that matches your lifestyle and taste. The accessories discussed give you an idea of the possibilities, but don’t be afraid to explore further to find the perfect upgrades for your needs and personality.

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